Repair Service

The Shanghai Service Center was established in 1993 and offers high quality mechanical and electronic repair services of an international standard. Express service guarantees just-in-time support. The first class repair services are backed by our guarantee on parts.

Electronic Repair

  • Control board in Rieter textile machines

  • Control system in Rieter textile machines

  • General and special inverter used in Rieter machines

  • Other unique electronic board

Mechanical repair

  • Maintenance of AC and DC M90 for Rieter drawframe machine

  • The processing for top roller



Contact Repair Service

Service Centre
Rieter (China) Textile Instrument Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch
6F, Building A, Synnex International Park
1068 West Tianshan Road.
CN - Shanghai 200335
T +86 21 6037 3333
F +86 21 6037 3394

Service Hotline

+86 21 6037 3361/3362/3363