Group photo of the Rieter Award Winners 2016 from left to right front row: Ms. Toufiqua Siddiqua (Bangladesh), Ms. Pham Khanh Ngoc (Vietnam), Ms. Wen Xue (China), Mr. Nigel Patrick Carlton (USA). Second row from left to right: Mr. Memik Bünyamin Üzümcü (Turkey), Mr. Juan Bautista Sosa (Argentinia), Mr. Valentin Vincent Wittmer (Germany), Mr. Jitendra Choudhary (India).

The Rieter Award Winners 2016 on their sight seeing tour in the city of Lucerne (from left to right): Mr. Nigel Patrick Carlton (USA), Mr. Raul Sandholzer (Rieter trainee), Ms. Pham Khanh Ngoc (Vietnam), Mr. Jitendra Choudhary (India), Mr. Memik Bünyamin Üzümcü (Turkey), Mr. Juan Bautista Sosa (Argentina), Mr. Valentin Vincent Wittmer (Germany), Ms. Toufiqua Siddiqua (Bangladesh), Ms. Wen Xue (China).


Group photo of the Rieter Award Winners 2015. Left to right: Caroline Marques Castanho (Brazil), Yonca Gülgün (Turkey), Pelin Yilmaz (Turkey), Liangjun Xia (China) and Hardik Pujara (India). Mr. Muhammad Bilal Pervez, the Rieter Award winner from Pakistan, was unfortunately not able to participate in the Rieter Award week in Switzerland. He will receive his Award in a ceremony at his home university.

The winners during their tour of the Maestrani chocolate factory in Flawil (Switzerland) Left to right: Liangjun Xia (China), Pelin Yilmaz (Turkey), Yonca Gülgün (Turkey), Caroline Marques Castanho (Brazil) and Hardik Pujara (India).


Group photo of the Rieter Award winners 2014. From left to right: Agmas Azmeraw (Ethiopia), Rizwan Bin Sarwar (Bangladesh), Mengyao Yue (China), Esin Sarioglu (Turkey), Rijal Fauzi (Indonesia), Nurislom Temirov (Uzbekistan) and Akshay Ajay Jakhotya (India)

The Rieter Award winners at the Rieter headquarters in Winterthur (Switzerland) before an extended tour through the Rieter production halls. From right to left: Rizwan Bin Sarwar (Bangladesh), Akshay Ajay Jakhotya (India), Mengyao Yue (China), Agmas Azmeraw (Ethiopia), Rijal Fauzi (Indonesia), Nurislom Temirov (Uzbekistan) and Esin Sarioglu (Turkey)


Group photo of the Rieter Award winners in front of the Winterthur town hall. Left to right: Tuba Bedez Üte (Turkey), Jie Ma (China), Kim Loan Nguyen Thi (Vietnam), Aaron Ortlieb (Germany), Muhammad Omer Qasim (Pakistan) and Prem Anand V. S. (India).

Stop at the Vierwaldstädtersee – the Rieter Award winners on their sightseeing tour of Switzerland. Left to right: Kim Loan Nguyen Thi (Vietnam), Jie Ma (China), Tuba Bedez Üte (Turkey), Prem Anand V. S. (India), Aaron Ortlieb (Germany) and Muhammad Omer Qasim (Pakistan).


The Award winners 2012 making their own Swiss chocolate at the Maestrani company in Flawil, Switzerland. Left to right: Md Reajul Islam (Bangladesh), Arpita Kothari (India), Qi Xiao (China), Fitri Lestari (Indonesia) and Cigdem Caliskan (Turkey).

At the Rhine Falls, left to right: Fitri Lestari (Indonesia), Qi Xiao (China), Cigdem Caliskan (Turkey), Arpita Kothari (India) and Md Reajul Islam (Bangladesh).


The Rieter Award Winners 2011 on their visit to the Rieter headquarters in Winterthur (Switzerland). Front row, left to right: Qin Wang (China), Nguyen Bao Quyen Le (Vietnam), Nazan Erdumli (Turkey). Back row, left to right: Pavel Murychau (Belarus), Kashif Nadeem (Pakistan), Avinash Kesaraju (India). Mr. Md Almirany from Bangladesh is missing on the photo. Regrettably, he was not issued with a visa and could therefore not take part in the Rieter Award week.

Visit to the cathedral Sagrada Familia in Barcelona (Spain). During the Rieter Award week, the ITMA 2011 was held in Barcelona, where Rieter also participated as an exhibitor. For this reason, the Award winners 2011 had the opportunity of visiting Rieter at the ITMA and seeing the sights of Barcelona. From left to right: Pavel Murychau (Belarus), Kashif Nadeem (Pakistan), Qin Wang (China), Avinash Kesaraju (India), Nguyen Bao Quyen Le (Vietnam), Nazan Erdumli (Turkey).


The 2010 Rieter Award winners with the Rieter staff responsible for the Award on the visit to Winterthur. Left to right: Werner Haltner (Rieter, Head Sales Support), Qiang Li (China), Rully Setiadi (Indonesia), Ambigai Velusamy (India), Reto Thom (Rieter, Head of Sales / Markets), Musa Kilic (Turkey), Abror Razikov (Uzbekistan), Edda Walraf (Rieter, Head of Marketing).

A stroll around Lucerne: The winners in front of the world-famous Chapel Bridge (Kapellbrücke). Left to right: Ambigai Velusamy (India), Qiang Li (China), Rully Setiadi (Indonesia), Abror Razikov (Uzbekistan), Musa Kilic (Turkey).


Rieter Award winners 2009, from left to right: Mr. Ajit Singh (India) and Mr. Caio Amaral Sado (Brazil). Missing on the photo: Mr. Saidur Rahman (Bangladesh) and Mr. Bakhriddin Turakulov (Kazakhstan).

At rhine falls, from left to right: Mr. Ajit Singh (India), Mr. Caio Amaral Sado (Brazil). Missing on the photo: Mr. Saidur Rahman (Bangladesh) and Mr. Bakhriddin Turakulov (Kazakhstan).


Rieter Award winners 2008, from left to right: Orun Cakici (Turkey), Yuguang Yang (China), Yusuf Ali Syed (India), Mohammad Siddiqui (Pakistan)

Rieter Award winners 2008 in front of chapel bridge (Kapellbrücke) in Lucerne


The Rieter Award winners 2007 after their tour through the manufacturing in Winterthur

In Lucerne form left to rigth: Nermine Fadel, Yang Xu, Sumeet Khanna, Venkateswaran Selvarajan, Dao Thuy, Devi Meenakshi and Demet Yilmaz


The Rieter Award 2006 winners, from left to right: Balaji Malaisrinivasan, Al Muhamed Sliman, Arwa Wahhoud, Ashok Kumar Kundu, Saleem Iqbal Khan

Sight seeing in Lucerne


The Rieter Award winners 2005 (from left to right): Uzma Syed (Pakistan), M. Prianka (India), Gün Sazak Kozanoglu (Turkey), Gonza Özelik (Turkey), Menguan Wei (China)

... we could rest for a while.


The Award winners 2004 (from left to right): Nghi Hoang (Vietnam), Facultiy of Textile and Garment Technology and Fashion Design, Hanoi; Pedram Payvandy (Iran), Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran; Vinod Patil Sadashiv (India), D.K.T.E.'s Textile & Engg. Institute, Kolhapur; Qin Zhiguo (China), Material Engineering College; Suzhou Mahmet Fatih Canbolat (Turkey), Istanbul Technolgy University; Mikhail Kumoshenskiy (Russia), Moscow State Textile University, Moscow.

Before visiting the Tamina Canyon in Bad Ragaz the spinning mill Spoerry & Co. AG in Flums was visited.


The Rieter Award winners 2003 (from left to right): Junjie Liu (China), Ahmet Kalkan (Turkey), Saurabh Sakhuja (India), Zia Ur Rehman (Pakistan), Jong Sung Kim (Korea), José Caldeira Cardoso Neto (Brasil).

On top of the Rheinfels enjoying the beautiful view of the Rhein after a short boat trip and before visiting the castle Laufen.


Searching for sunny weather on 2'800 m above sea level on the Rothorn in Lenzerheide Valbella just before a snowball fight between men and women

Being in high spirits after an amazing guided tour of the Tamina Gorge with steep rock faces and roaring waters


The Rieter Award winners 2001 (from left to right): Sunay Ömeroglu (Turkey), Sandra Edalat-Pour (Germany), Abed Alam Bakshi (Bangladesh), Amit Pal (India), Tinqyong Wei (China)

Award Winners showing off their new Rieter Award raincoats


A picture of the Winners in Rieter's backyard on a sunny day in Winterthur

All dressed up and enjoying the Rhine Falls, drinking to a great stay in Switzerland


Ready for take-off in the gondola to Mount Pilatus

The five gentlemen from 1999 in front of Schlössli Wörth in Stein am Rhein


The Winners exploring the river Rhine from the shore

And enjoying the boat ride on the Rhine


Showing themselves from their best side for the camera

The group on their way to Andermatt, a holiday resort in the middle of Switzerland


On their last night after receiving the Rieter Award passport and pin

The Winners and a Rieter representative exploring the idyllic town Stein am Rhein wearing their new Rieter Award Caps


This year's Award Winners got to meet previous Winners at the 1995 Rieter Award Club meeting in Zurich

A quick photostop during a somewhat tiring, but unforgetable day of socializing and sightseeing


The Award Winners during their initiation into the Rieter Award Club

Taking in the refreshing Swiss countryside while on their way to Geneva


At the end of an eventful week the Rieter Award initiation ceremony

The Award Winners eager to learn more about this Rieter UNIfloc


The Winners visiting Rieter Machine Works Ltd. and surrounding green grounds on a warm and sunny day after having spent a cold night on the top of Mount Pilatus

And in elegant attire on the last evening of their stay


Connecting people - Rieter Award Winners from all over the world bonding in such a short time

After officially becoming members (for life) of the Rieter Award Club


Happy Winners, upon receiving their Rieter Award certificates

By the Rhine accompanied by a previous Award Winner and a Rieter representative


The very first Rieter Award Winners

Rieter Award Winner (who couldn't participate in the trip to Switzerland) receiving her certificate and Swiss rock crystal at the local ceremony