Rieter Award - An international award for future professionals

Rieter has created the "Rieter Award" to support the textile education facilities to train and to promote young people. Furthermore the Award wants to create a global communication between students, institutes and Rieter.

The reason why

Technical and technological progress is breathtaking today and the pace keeps accelerating. Big changes are taking place and new fields, such as automation and electronics, are opening. People working in the industry must adapt and learn. The need for better and higher education is gaining importance.
In recognition of this development, Rieter has created the "Rieter Award". Its main purpose is to support the textile education facilities in their efforts to train and promote young people. Furthermore, the Award wants to create a global communication between students, institutes and Rieter.

Distinction for the world's best textile students

Candidates for the Award are students of textile technology, especially yarn production, nonwovens, technical textiles, filament production or finishing or students who are working on a subject within the fields of Rieter’s Products and services.
The selection of the candidates is made by the institutes. The Award is given for the most outstanding preliminary diploma work and thesis to a student who is fluent in English and of determined personality.
All universities and degree granting institutions providing comprehensive textile education or in related fields qualify for the "Rieter Award".

What it comprises

The award includes a one-week visit to Switzerland in order to get to know Rieter and the country better.
The focus point is the visit to Rieter. The winners are guided through the factory and see presentations about products and services. They get to know the Rieter management and product specialists. Beside that, a guided tour through the scenic landscape of Switzerland and the visit to textile mills as well as tourist attractions is included.
In addition the Rieter Award is handed over in a ceremony, which will take place in the recipient's home country, either at their university or in a special symposium of Rieter.