Quality and uniqueness hand-in-hand with highest productivity

With the fully-automatic air-jet spinning machine, Rieter has complemented its product range with an eye on the future. The machine design includes individual drives for spinning and winding units, which permit high-speed winding. The Com4®jet yarn, formed in an air-flow, possesses unique characteristics which differentiate it from the other Rieter yarns. Com4®jet yarns offer great potential in the development of new, innovative products.

Key Product

J 26 automated air-jet spinning machine

  • 200 spin units, the delivery speed of 500 m/min and the spin unit automation with short piecing time ensure the most economical production process.
  • The well established Rieter yarn clearer Q 10A is now intergrated in the J 26. All standard clearer functions and special monitoring channels are available. The Q 10A ensures best yarn quality for the downstream process.
  • Independent machine sides with different settings for all parameters and independent tube loading enable two different articles to be produced at the same time.


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