Perfectly coordinated technology from fibre to sliver

Rieter fibre preparation guarantees gentle opening, efficient cleaning and intensive blending of the fibres. Operator-friendly adjustable settings and high cleaning efficiency are the best qualifications for high yarn quality. The greatest possible raw material utilisation is achieved by optimally coordinated individual components in the blowroom line. Rieter cards convince by their excellent quality values at highest production, based on the proven 1.5 m working width and the integrated grinding system for card clothing.

Key Products

A 11 UNIfloc automatic bale opener

  • The UNIfloc is designed for output of up to 1 200 kg/h (carded sliver).
  • Opening bales into microtufts provides the basis for effective cleaning and dedusting by subsequent machines.
  • The UNIfloc can process up to 4 assortments.

B 12 UNIclean pre-cleaner

  • The UNIclean is designed for output of up to 1 400 kg/h (carded sliver).
  • Fibre-preserving cleaning of the raw material due to free fibre flight and the use of adjustable grid bars.
  • If the bale opener is processing different assortments, the working point specific to the material is automatically selected on the B 12 UNIclean.

C 70 high-performance card

  • High production performance with top quality for all yarn applications thanks to the maximal active carding area and optimised pre- and post-carding area.
  • IGS – ensures a consistently good sliver quality with permanently sharp clothings and therefore increases the service life of clothings.
  • The modular construction permits a rapid adjustment to new raw materials and requirements.


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