A 11 UNIfloc automatic bale opener - Economical cleaning starts with microtufts

The foundations for yarn quality and thus the quality of the textile end product are laid in the blowroom process. This is the basis of the successful use of Rieter’s A 11 UNIfloc automatic bale opener worldwide. The A 11 UNIfloc processes the fibre material gently and efficiently into microtufts, from which impurities can be removed very readily in the subsequent processes. This effectively supports the quality and economic efficiency of yarn manufacture.


  • The UNIfloc is designed for output of up to 1 200 kg/h (carded sliver).
  • Depending on the machine length selected, bales are laid down over a length of 7.2 to 47.2 metres.
  • Automatic bale profiling eliminates labour-intensive manual alignment of the bale height.


  • Opening bales into microtufts provides the basis for effective cleaning and dedusting by subsequent machines.
  • The Rieter unique automatic bale profiling enables quality consistency over the entire lay-down and therefore in subsequent processes.
  • The double tooth profile ensures gentle extraction of the tufts irrespective of the direction of rotation of the take-off roller.


  • The UNIfloc can process up to 4 assortments.
  • The possibility to choose between two sizes of the take-off unit (1 700 or 2 300 mm) allows flexibility in lay-down and bale size.
  • Cottons of all origins and man-made fibres up to a staple length of 65 mm are processed.


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