A 81 UNIblend precision blender - Economical and precisely metered blending for quality yarns

The A 81 UNIblend precision blender sets the highest standards for multi-component blending with a precision of less than 1 % deviation. The A 81 UNIblend allows the feeding of up to four separate carding lines with different blend compositions. The maximal production performance of the A 81 is 1 000 kg/h. A rapid and economical response to fashion trends is facilitated by the processing of a variety of different staple fibres.


  • The precise blending of different raw materials allows optimisation of the material costs.
  • Compared to draw frame blending, tuft blending on the UNIblend saves a draw frame passage.


  • The homogeneous fibre blends from the UNIblend enable very high yarn quality to be achieved.
  • Homogeneous fabric appearance in the end product even with difficult colour combinations or dyes.
  • Constant blending quality is ensured by an online calibration system.


  • The A 81 UNIblend is able to produce four different blends with the same components.
  • The UNIblend is available with 2 to 8 blending modules, each with an output range of 3 to 300 kg/h.
  • Machine parameters can be changed simply and flexibly at the push of a button.


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