B 12 UNIclean pre-cleaner - Efficient and reliable pre-cleaning

The B 12 UNIclean pre-cleaner cleans the microtufts in the first cleaning stage immediately after the A 11 UNIfloc. A machine production of up to 1 400 kg/h is achieved. Cleaning is performed without nipping and is therefore very gentle to the fibres and at the same time efficient. VARIOset enables waste volume and waste composition to be adjusted optimally at the push of a button. This ensures a high level of raw material utilisation.


  • The UNIclean is designed for output of up to 1 400 kg/h (carded sliver).
  • With efficient cleaning, fibre yield is up to 2 % higher than on conventional units.
  • The energy consumption required for waste transport is low as a result of intermittent extraction.


  • Fibre-preserving cleaning of the raw material due to free fibre flight and the use of adjustable grid bars.
  • The large dedusting surface ensures intensive dedusting even at high production performance.
  • Simple visual check permits rapid quality assessment of waste composition.


  • If the bale opener is processing different assortments, the working point specific to the material is automatically selected on the B 12 UNIclean.
  • Easy machine setting during operation by means of VARIOset.
  • Connection to UNIcontrol blowroom control system.


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