Perfect sliver quality at highest productivity

Rieter has been global market leader in spinning preparation for decades. The combing machines guarantee unrivalled quality and first-rate raw material utilisation. Proven technology and innovative elements of the Rieter draw frames ensure constantly high quality values. Rieter autoleveller draw frames feature excellent scanning precision and levelling dynamics. High sliver regularity and quality improve the operating properties in downstream processes. The roving frame supplies a high-quality roving to the ring spinning machines.

Key Products

SB/RSB-D 50 Draw Frame

  • Superb scanning precision and highest autolevelling dynamics ensure outstanding sliver evenness – from the first to the last centimetre.
  • The substantially shortened drive train with energy-efficient motors saves up to 1 000 euros in energy costs per year on each RSB draw frame. This is also reflected in a significantly quieter machine.
  • The SLIVERprofessional expert system is integrated in the machine. The direct adoption of setting recommendations allows a rapid assortment changeover with best sliver quality.

E 36 OMEGAlap combing preparation

  • E 36 OMEGAlap achieves an effective production of more than 600 kg/h. Compared to other preparation systems on the market, this corresponds to a production increase of over 50 %.
  • E 36 OMEGAlap is the optimal combing preparation for maximum output and economy for large combing sets, i.e. an E 36 OMEGAlap supplies 6 E 86 combers.
  • The proven belt technology allows a uniform pressure distribution on up to 75 % of the lap circumference and consequently reduces the flexing work during the lap formation process.

E 86 Comber

  • The effective production performance of the E 86 comber is up to 90 kg/h combed sliver. The combed sliver production of 2 tons per day is therefore significantly exceeded.
  • Thanks to the largest active combing area, an unequalled yarn quality is secured.
  • The E 86 comber has up to 2 % higher efficiency, due to ROBOlap.


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