E 86 Comber with ROBOlap Option - For better combing

The comber, with its high production and its unequalled quality, leads the way in combing. Individual quality requirements can be fulfilled thanks to the new height-adjustable integral circular comb, Ri-Q-Comb. The established, fully-automated ROBOlap lap changing and piecing system is the standard for modern combing operations. Together with the unique OMEGAlap preparation, the highest production per set on the market is achieved.


  • The effective production performance of the E 86 comber is up to 90 kg/h combed sliver. The combed sliver production of 2 tons per day is therefore significantly exceeded.
  • The largest active combing area permits more flexibility in the level of noil extraction.
  • The E 86 comber has up to 2 % higher efficiency, due to ROBOlap.


  • Thanks to the largest active combing area, an unequalled yarn quality is secured.
  • The gentle, controlled fibre treatment is achieved by optimally coordinated combing movements and the technology elements developed by Rieter.
  • The lap quality delivered by the OMEGAlap preparation guarantees the highest possible quality on the E 86 comber.


  • Adaptation to market requirements can be realised due to the greatest active combing area in combination with the flexible setting.
  • Worldwide unique is the ROBOlap automatic lap change and piecing system of the fully automated E 86 comber.
  • With the lap transport system, a choice can be made between the semi-automated SERVOtrolley lap transport system and the fully automatic SERVOlap lap transport system.


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