Roving Frame F 16 with doffing aid for manual doffing, Roving Frame F 36 with automatic doffer - the integrated solution for efficient spinning preparation

Low energy consumption, easy operation, high reliability and flexibility as well as reduced operating costs are among the main benefits of this generation of roving frames. High yarn quality presupposes good spinning preparation. The roving frame F 16 with doffing aid and the F 36 with automatic doffing fulfil this requirement. Mill-proven ROJ roving tension control and individual roving monitoring with statistical analysis ensure consistently high roving quality and high machine efficiency. Ergonomic design and the multi-motor system are special features of these two models.


  • Energy saving and improved operating reliability through new drive concepts.
  • High productivity on all roving frames with 192 spindles. The doffing time of the F 36 is very short, regardless of machine length. The doffing aid of the F 16 allows an efficient doffing.
  • High productivity through precise package build with the new, more accurate machine control and the control of roving tension.


  • Uniformly high yarn quality and good running behavior on the ring spinning machine due to homogeneous package build as a result of precision control.
  • High yarn regularity throughout the package build by preventing false drafts. Monitoring and regulating roving tension by ROJ sensor technology ensures perfect package build.
  • Systematic quality monitoring and maximum efficiency with optical individual roving monitoring ROJ. Visualization of detailed statistical analysis directly on machine display.


  • Easy machine setting, since all spinning and machine data can be entered at the display panel. The touchscreen facilitates input with state-of-the-art menu guidance.
  • Flexible yarn production by combining the F 36 automated roving frame with the SERVOtrail automated roving package transport system.
  • If required, ergonomic manual package removal from the F 36 by lowering the doffer beam with the packages to ideal working height.


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