Double-head Autoleveller Draw Frame RSB-D 24 - Single-head autolevelling quality on two heads

The RSB-D 24 double-head autoleveller draw frame has a high productivity of two times 1 100 m/min. Unique for a double-head autoleveller draw frame are the completely independent machine sides and autolevelling functions. Each head therefore produces exactly the same quality and productivity well-known from the RSB-D 45 single-head draw frame. A sliver sensor for which a patent is pending, convenient setting of the suction rate and delivery speed on the display and the independent maintenance of the machine sides increase customer benefits. Further advantages are the energy-saving suction system ECOrized and reduced space requirements.


  • Maximal delivery speed 2 x 1 100 m/min with the RSB-D 24 and 2 x 550 m/min with the RSB-D 24c, at 10 - 15 % higher machine efficiency than on conventional double-head draw frames.
  • Space-saving machine concept with a wide selection of sliver creels, e.g. 3-row creel for short machine length or comfort creel for a high level of user friendliness.
  • Low energy consumption due to frequence controlled suction system ECOrized which simultaneously operates on both machine sides.


  • Superior sliver quality due to two completely independent machine sides – no coupled delivery roller drive as on comparable draw frames and thus no mutual influencing of autolevelling operations.
  • Excellent scanning precision and autolevelling dynamics stand for outstanding sliver regularity – from the first to the last metre.
  • A unique sliver sensor guarantees an exact coiling with highest quality from the very first metre and ensures that cans in the subsequent process are fully emptied.


  • The draw frame can operate with different settings on each side. This makes, for example, the simultaneous processing of combed and carded cotton possible.
  • Easy and rapid change of the delivery speed and suction intensity are made, at the touch of a button on the machine display, via frequency-controlled drives.
  • The RSB-D 24 allows maintenance work to be carried out on one machine side while the other side continues production. This gives flexibility in the maintenance activities that was previously only possible with single-head draw frames.


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