J 20 automated Air-Jet Spinning Machine - Productivity advances and new winding concept for perfect Com4®jet yarn

The design of the fully-automated, double-sided air-jet spinning machine has been advanced in terms of productivity. 200 spinning units and a delivery speed of 450 m/min ensure economical production. High performance is supported by a new piecing preparation system which reduces piecing time to half. The new winding unit ensures optimal package build-up and higher package weight. Technological innovations enable, for example, the softness and hairiness of Com4®jet yarns to be adjusted.


  • 200 spinning units and a delivery speed of 450 m/min, supported by the new spinning unit automation system which reduces piecing time by half, ensure the most economical production process.
  • The double-sided machine lay-out with cans under the machine saves space and reduces the energy necessary to create the required climatic conditions and illumination.
  • The traversing system on the complete drafting unit including the spin nozzle housing prolongs the service life of technology components and guarantees stable yarn quality.


  • The unique Com4®jet yarn structure provides benefits in downstream processing and in the fabric. Technological innovations enable yarn characteristics to be adjusted.
  • The automated piecing system utilises the proven principle of progressive fibre feeding (PFF) that helps to create strong, yarn-like piecings which are undetectable in fabrics.
  • The newly designed winding unit utilises a system for optimised package build-up resulting in higher package weight and superior performance in the downstream process.


  • Independent machine sides with different settings for all parameters and independent tube loading enable two different articles to be produced at the same time.
  • The machine application range covers combed cotton, cellulose fibres, microfibres and different blends including man-made fibres in the yarn count range from Ne 24 to Ne 70.
  • Rapid exchange of the technology components ensures high flexibility with less downtime for maintenance, batch change and yarn quality optimisation.


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