C 70 High-performance card - The card with the maximum active carding area

The C 70 high-performance card achieves excellent quality values at highest production for all yarn applications. This is based on the well-proven 1.5 m working width and maximum active carding area. Focus is placed on the economic production of carded and combed ring yarns. Precise flats guiding and innovation in the pre- and post-carding area allow, with the selective waste extraction, an excellent raw material exploitation and sliver quality. With the integrated grinding system IGS, the sliver quality is maintained at a high level. By utilising draw frame modules instead of the classical can coilers, the customer has the possibility to optimally layout the process.


  • High production performance with top quality for all yarn applications thanks to the maximal active carding area and optimised pre- and post-carding area.
  • Excellent raw material exploitation thanks to the adjustable knife on the licker-in, variable insertions of the extraction elements in the pre- and post-carding area as well as to the electronically adjustable flat speed.
  • Maximal card wire service life with constant sliver quality is guaranteed by the integrated grinding systems IGS.


  • Thanks to wider carding area combined with the precise flats guiding, even fine combed ring yarns can be economically produced with high quality.
  • Utilising draw frame modules offers with process shortening the optimal preparation of the card sliver for yarn production.
  • Continuously good sliver quality is guaranteed by the integrated grinding systems IGS.


  • The modular construction permits a rapid adjustment to new raw materials and requirements.
  • Draw frame modules offer the possibility to shorten the process.
  • The option exists to arrange the card lines with 8 cards, line production up to 600 kg/h or with 10 C 70 cards, line production up to 1 200 kg/h.


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