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05/10/2011 - Bondholders uphold outstanding bonds (CHF 250 million, 4 1/2%, 2010-2015)

Rieter announced today that the outstanding CHF 250 million 4 1/2% bonds 2010-2015 will be upheld in full as resolved by today’s bondholder meeting in Winterthur.

Rieter and Credit Suisse as the bondholder representative held a bondholders’ meeting on May 10, 2011 to reach decision on the CHF 250 million Rieter bonds due April 30, 2015. This was in connection with resolution by the Rieter AGM on April 13 to distribute all shares of Autoneum Holding AG to existing shareholders in the form of a special dividend. Credit Suisse AG regards this resolution as entitling bondholders to declare the outstanding bonds due and repayable before maturity.

The bondholders’ meeting resolved, by absolute majority of votes represented, to fully uphold these bonds rather than declaring them due and repayable. Rieter’s strategic flexibility and long-term financing of corporate development is thus assured.

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