Our range of services:      

 Calculation programs (English/PDF/17 KB)
 Measurement technology (English/PDF/42 KB)
 Precision Express Workshop (English/PDF/24 KB)
 High Speed Camera  (English/PDF/66 KB)      

Material technology

In today's high technology, material technology plays a key role. Over the years, our laboratory developed from classical material-testing to an interdisciplinary center of competence and services. A close cooperation of specialist in metallurgy, polymers, ceramics, composites, chemistry and analytics evoke synergies that allows unconventional approaches and solutions.      

Our range of services:    

 Design with polymer-, elastomer- and compound materials (English/PDF/87 KB)
 Microanalysis (EDX / WDX) (English/PDF/74 KB)
 Tribology, abrasion, erosion (English/PDF/51 KB)
 Surface texture analysis (English/PDF/139 KB)
 Plasma coating technology (English/PDF/164 KB)
 Colorimetry and paintworking (English/PDF/80 KB)

  • Material consulting
  • Polymer-microstructure and infrared-analysis
  • Light- and electron microscopy
  • Mechanical testing (tensile, pressure, friction)
  • Digital photography
  • Damage investigation
  • Crystal structure analysis by X-ray diffraction (XRD)
  • Lubrication consulting and analysis
  • Cleaning consulting and problem analysis
  • Process engineering and glueing technology
  • Coating technology and corrosion protection
  • and many more