Multivalve EVO

Multivalve EVO

Multivalve EVO

Depending on the program flow during piecing or package change, parital vacuum is required at various positions in the robot in order to extract yarn. To date partial vacuum has been allocated by a multivalve with a rotary valve and motor.

The new Multivalve EVO is based on the linear displacement of a piston through a pneumatic cylinder with low susceptibility to yarn residues being trapped in this zone.


Multivalve EVO is suitable for all R 20 and R 40 rotor spinning machines without ROBOfeed.


New, linear multivalve controlled by compressed air

New, linear multivalve controlled by compressed air

The major advantage of the Multivalve EVO retrofit is the total elimination of blockages in the multivalve and the prevention of trailing threads on the rotor spinning machine's extraction channel, which can have a disturbing influence on winding and the spinning start-up process.

A separate controller is used to actuate the valves so that the retrofit of the new Multivalve EVO can be integrated in the existing control system without software modifications.

The attachment points of the Multivalve EVO are identical to those of the previous version. The Multivalve EVO can therefore be installed without any difficulty.


Existing motor-controlled, radial multivalve

Existing motor-controlled, radial multivalve

  • Precise control by a pneumatic cylinder ensures the operational reliability of the robot
  • No jamming due to yarn residues
  • No trailing threads on the air channel

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