J 20 Air-Jet Spinning Machine - Unique yarn quality and productivity

The J 20 Air-Jet Spinning Machine features up to 120 high-production spinning units. The J 20 can be equipped for separate production on both machine sides, i.e. two different yarn qualities can be spun simultaneously on one machine. In conjunction with the newly developed spinning unit, the J 20 offers maximum yarn quality, productivity and flexibility. The unique quality characteristics of  ComforJet® yarn are reflected in benefits for spinning mills, downstream processors and end users.


  • Due to improved yarn quality, maximum delivery speeds of up to 450 m/min are achieved on the individually driven spinning units.
  • The maximum number of 120 high-production spinning units on a single machine is unique worldwide. The mill-proven machine concept guarantees minimum space requirements.
  • The unique traversing system for feed sliver and yarn in the drafting system reduces wear on the top rollers and aprons, and thus maintenance and spare parts costs.


  • The new spinning unit on the J 20 enables yarns with higher strength and fewer imperfections.
  • Good yarn quality results in low number of quality cuts and natural thread breakages. This minimizes yarn piecings on the package.
  • The piecing process on the J 20 is fully electronically controlled. The system enables piecings of optimal length and mass to be produced and thus ensures the faultless appearance of the piecings.


  • The J 20 can optionally be equipped with independently producing machine sides. This concept enables two different yarn qualities to be spun simultaneously.
  • Each spinning unit on the J 20 is individually driven. This ensures efficient maintenance, rapid batch change and economical machine startup.
  • Technology components such as spinning nozzle and spinning nozzle housing can be replaced in a very short time without the need for tools.


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