Material technology

Our equipment - our laboratory

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Our analytical instruments are our everyday working tools that we are proud of. Precise and valuable instruments need appropriate care.

The following highlights can be found on the premises, available for your needs:    
  • Scanning electron microscope SEM Zeiss EVO 50 with variable pressure and equipped with EDX and WDX detectors for microscale element analysis
  • X-ray diffraction XRD Philips X'Pert system for analysing crystalline structures and stress
  • Spectral analysis Quantovac for elemental analysis of solid metal pieces
  • Infrared spectroscope FTIR BIO-RAD for micro scale substance analysis
  • Tylor Hobson 3D-tactile-surface-scanner.
  • Instron tensile testing machine 5584
  • Minolta colorimeter
  • Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) coupled with infrared spectroscopy
  • ... and many more