A leading global supplier for textile machinery and components used in short staple fiber spinning

A leading global systems supplier for the production of short staple spinning mills

The global provider of components for all spinning processes

Yarns that follow fashion

Rieter offers attractive positions around the world


Investor Relations

Impressions of Rieter Media and analyst's conference 2017

Norbert Klapper, CEO

Norbert Klapper, CEO

Norbert Klapper, CEO and Joris Gröflin, CFO

Norbert Klapper, CEO and Joris Gröflin, CFO

Joris Gröflin, CFO

Joris Gröflin, CFO

Rieter aims to achieve sustained growth in corporate value for the benefit of shareholders, customers and employees. Rieter wishes to maintain via Internet as comprehensive, consistent and immediate exchange of information with shareholders, investors, analysts and the economic media. In this manner, we can ensure that all stakeholders are treated equally.

Joris Gröflin, CFO of the Rieter Group, is responsible for Investor Relations. Should you have questions concerning Rieter’s IR, please contact via e-mail or phone.

Joris Gröflin

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Rieter wishes to communicate openly with customers, employees, investors, the media and interested members of the public. Please send us your questions and communications on this form:

Business Model

Around 94 million tons of fiber are processed annually around the world, for example for clothing, technical textiles or household textiles. Fiber consumption is growing with the world population and disposable income, on average at around 2 to 3% per year. 

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Investor Update 2017

Investor Conference Call
The conference call will take place on Friday, October 27, 2017 at 09.00 a.m. (CEST).

Please dial in 5-10 minutes before conferences’ schedule:

Europe: +41  58 310 50 00
UK: +44  207 107 06 13
USA: +1  631 570 56 13
China: +86  400 120 23 19
India: +91  446 688 60 46

Contact Investor Relations

Joris Gröflin
Rieter Holding AG
Klosterstrasse 32
CH-8406 Winterthur
T +41 52 208 70 15
F +41 52 208 70 60

Press Release

06.10.2017 - Study Assignment for Redesign of the Rieter Location Winterthur

Start-up of the study competition scheduled for mid-November 2017Five renowned consultancy firms from the Canton of Zurich commissioned Rieter intends to create a modern location... devam

29.09.2017 - Agreement with the Works Council at the Ingolstadt location

Focusing on the development of machines in Ingolstadt (Germany)Relocation of production to Usti (Czech Republic)Establishment of a transfer companyExpected cost reductions of over... devam

20.07.2017 - Demand picks up in the first half of 2017

Order intake in the first half of 2017 increases by 26% compared to the second half of 2016Sales in the first half of 2017 reaches CHF 415.2 million, compared to CHF 436.9... devam