Com4®compact – compacted ring-spun yarn

The unique character of the Com4®compact yarn spun on the Rieter compact spinning machine lies in the almost perfect yarn structure. All fibers lie parallel and are completely integrated in the yarn bundle. Compared to standard compact yarns, it exhibits the highest compacting efficiency. This leads to excellent tenacity properties. The very low hairiness and the compact structure give both the yarn and the fabrics a high-quality, distinctive appearance. Optimal processing characteristics, high wearing comfort and a luxurious look are the advantages.

Possible yarn variants:

  • core - core yarn
  • vario - fancy yarn
  • twin - spin-twist yarn
  • light - yarn with higher hairiness

Com4® yarn characteristics:

  • Highest tenacity
  • Even yarn structure
  • Low hairiness
  • High yarn density

Process advantages:

  • High processing speed
  • Low warp breaks during weaving
  • High strength after finishing process

Fabric appearance:

  • High fabric strength
  • Absolutely clear defined contours
  • Finest luster

Typical end products:

  • Business shirts
  • High quality knitwear
  • Fine bed linen
  • Fine socks


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