Rieter Components Germany GmbH

Bearing solutions – for textiles and more
  1. Maximum product performance
  2. Constant premium quality
  3. High production depth
  4. Long lifetime and guarantee

Engineered expertise

Temco components make all the difference when it comes to quality improvements required in spinning, texturing, draw twisting and draw winding. The company offers a comprehensive end-to-end solution of components including their rolling bearings, interlacing jets, texturing discs and twist stoppers. The products are key elements in the production of man-made fibers and are used on the machines of all well-known manufacturers in the international textile industry. The roller bearing systems for special requirements have also become increasingly important in hygiene, printing and packaging industries, among others.

Research and development

The engineered bearings are designed to withstand extreme conditions – from freezing cold to burning hot temperatures, contact with chemicals, abrasion or heavy contamination. Experience, reinvention, creativity and vision – it’s this signature mix that makes Temco stand out and offer customers uniquely designed products and services.


Customer benefits

Temco guarantees the highest level of service and technical expertise to all customers worldwide. An experienced team of development engineers and sales experts works closely with the customer to create a solution that is precisely tailored to his or her application.