Wilhelm Stahlecker GmbH

The expert in development of components for rotor, air-jet, ring and compact spinning machines
  1. Extraordinary technological expertise
  2. Highly skilled staff
  3. Assistance from idea to series production
  4. Customer-oriented solutions
  5. Partner in material and yarn research
A sliding caliper on technical documents
Section of a machine from Wilhelm Stahlecker GmbH

Engineering and Development

Wilhelm Stahlecker GmbH (WST) is specialized in research and design of crucial components used in spinning machines. WST accompanies the clients during the conceptual stage, from the development of an idea to the creation and intensive testing of prototypes to final specification of an optimal product implementation in manufacturing process.

The goals that guide the company are constant innovation, application-related concepts, and perfect customer service.

Innovative Component


WST has been among the international innovation generators of sophisticated spinning components, setting important technological milestones and taking unconventional approach to provide customer-specific solutions. The company has introduced several sensational inventions such as the open-end SpinBox for rotor machines, the DUO spinning unit for air-jet machines of highest speeds and the multifunctional EliTe®Compact Spinning System.


WST engineers evaluating ideas


Hand-in-hand with prestigious universities, research partners, customers and suppliers, the WST engineers pursue the challenge to evaluate ideas, design and test new products, in order to launch further cutting-edge innovations – always striving to generate the greatest possible customer value.