90% Utilization after Second-Hand Machine Relocation and Overhaul

From left to right: Mr. Viren, Mr. Darshan & Mr. Nilesh Patel, Management of Shree Shiddhanath Cotex Pvt.

Shree Siddhanath Cotex Pvt. Ltd. is a family-owned company located in the Chotila region of Surendraganar, India. With an installed capacity of 85 tons per day, it is one of the top cotton exporters in the Gujarat region. The diversified company portfolio includes cotton bales, cotton seeds as well as cotton seed oil and oil cake.

The Challenge

In 2019, Shree Siddhanath purchased a series of second hand Rieter machines, including 26 compact spinning machines K 44. The 17-year-old machines had stopped running for 15 months and needed refurbishment. The electronic and mechanical components were particularly damaged and required heavy repair or replacement. The customer also required support, from installation to technology services, to ramp-up production with these machines.

The Solution

Both Rieter Repair and Field Service teams combined their efforts to successfully complete the project.

The field service experts took care of the installation. Thanks to their extensive network, they managed to get the necessary installation tools which had not been delivered with the second-hand machines.  

On the electronic side, Rieter engineers inspected all inverters, SCUs and power supply units. Due to their conditions, all inverters were sent to the closest Rieter service center in India where they underwent massive overhaul. In total, 88 inverters were completely repaired and reinstalled in the machines.

The Customer’s Benefits

Shree Siddhanath Cotex Pvt. Ltd. was able to start production in a record time after the beginning of the project. The second-hand ring spinning machines K 44 are successfully running at 90% utilization and provide the required quality of yarn.

We would like to thank Rieter specially "After sales team". From sales, installation to mechanical and electronic overhauls, Rieter did not only excel in the ramping-up of our machine activities, they also provided extraordinary support under the current pandemic circumstances. We are glad to count Rieter as our partner of choice and trust.Mr. Darshan Bhalala, Managing Director, Shree Siddhanath Cotext Pvt. Ltd.