VARIOline ECOrized Saves Energy Costs of USD 19 600 per year

Insight into the blowroom of Karteks

Karteks Tekstil, located in Adana, Turkey, serves the high-quality market segment for combed cotton yarns. The family-run company has optimized its spinning process over more than   years of working in the spinning industry, and now produces 72 000 tons of yarn each year. And Karteks continues to strive for improvement every day. To meet their high quality standards and to benefit from modern technology, Karteks invested in three blowroom lines VARIOline, including the intelligent option VARIOline ECOrized for optimum energy savings.

The Challenge

Karteks operates a complete Rieter ring spinning system from bale to yarn. The blowroom plays an important role in terms of fiber quality and also offers great potential in terms of raw-material and energy savings. With its new blowrooms, Karteks aimed to minimize raw-material losses, energy costs, machine downtime and personnel requirements. 

The Solution

Rieter provided the intelligent VARIOline ECOrized solution for all three of the new Rieter blowroom lines. The solution controls all fans dynamically. This means that the fan speed automatically adjusts to the material quantity, the process sequence and changed assortments. It ensures that the fibers pass through each of the blowroom machines with excellent energy efficiency. The solution also eliminates the need for an operator to adjust the air balance manually. VARIOline ECOrized also facilitates predictive maintenance and helps to avoid unplanned interruptions in production. Furthermore, it considerably reduces the amount of dust in the blowroom, which improves the working conditions for the operators.

The Customer's Benefits

To determine the energy savings made thanks to the ECOrized system, Karteks operated the three new blowroom lines in the standard pneumatic fiber transport mode for the first three weeks. After collecting enough data, the lines were switched to the VARIOline ECOrized mode and have been operating in this mode ever since. The result was an energy saving of 22% (27% less energy required for fans and 16% less energy required for the filter) in the blowroom. In monetary terms, this equates to savings of USD 19 600 per year for all three blowroom lines.
The ambient air in the Rieter blowroom is significantly better compared to conventional systems due to the sealed exhaust air pipes to the filter station. The operators have noted that they breathe in less dust than before. In addition, the intelligent solution makes the whole blowroom line run more smoothly. It provides predictive information and permanently monitors the filter installation, thus preventing unexpected production interruptions.

I have purchased a complete system from blowroom to end spinning from Rieter and I am absolutely delighted with it. The advantage of Rieter as a system supplier lies in the optimum interaction of the machines. An example for this is the solution VARIOline ECOrized, which – along with many other benefits – saves 22% energy in the blowroom. Rieter developed a solution with great added value by addressing customer’s needs.Mr. Hüseyin Kadi, Mill Manager, Karteks Tekstil


Karteks Tekstil was founded in 1984 as a family business with 2 doubling machines and 4 twisting machines as twisting mill.
In 2003 the company invested in a spinning mill and the first section of the factory started production in 2005 with a capacity of 14 tons per day. Further investments in innovation and a continuous growth made Karteks one of the leading companies in the spinning sector in Turkey with now 200 tons of ring compact yarn per day with 251 000 spindles in four different plants.
The twisting mill with all its machines and equipment was renewed in 2009 and continues its activity with a capacity of 25 tons per day with 40 twisters and 15 doubling machines.

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