Card C 80: Production Level of 250 kg/h

Shortly after its presentation at ITMA 2019, a lot of customers were interested in the new card C 80 and within a short time more than 100 machines were sold. During the last couple of months, the C 80 had the possibility to prove its promised performance in use with customers.

Production Level of 250 Kg per Hour

Especially for rotor fine yarn counts, the productivity of the C 80 has exceeded customer expectations. With 250 kg per hour the C 80 produces 100 kg per hour more than the predecessor model C 70 without compromising yarn quality or efficiency of the rotor spinning machine.

No Loss in Efficiency

The higher productivity of the C 80 does not result in a loss of efficiency compared to the C 70. The natural ends down per 1 000 operating hours show that the running performance of the rotor machine is the same with the material from the C 80 compared to the material from the C 70.

36% less Energy Needed

Thanks to the high production level of the C 80, it is possible to significantly reduce the number of machines. This leads to energy savings of up to 36% in comparison to the C 70. The customer is now able to calculate with a significantly higher card production for further machine investments.