Cards C 70: Increased Production using 50% Fewer Cards at KPR Mill Ltd.

Two additional tons of yarn per day are achieved using half the number of cards.

KPR Mill Ltd. is one of the largest vertically integrated textile companies in southern India. Its diverse business operations include producing yarns, fabrics, and garments. The company’s spinning mills have a total capacity of 370 000 spindles. The mills produce cotton yarns with counts ranging from Ne 20 to Ne 40. To expand production capacity, KPR decided to replace its old generation of cards and invested in 30 cards C 70.

The Challenge

KPR is a premium manufacturer of quality fabrics and needs to produce the best yarns with consistent quality. To increase productivity during preparation at their plant in Neelambur without compromising on quality, the company decided to replace its old cards. For the carded ring yarns produced at this mill, KPR also aimed for more flexible operation with long-term savings in raw-material waste and energy consumption. Another challenge was to make optimum use of the existing space. As the company had already had a good experience with Rieter cards, it invested in the cards C 70 to replace the existing cards.

The Solution

The cards C 70 have a proven working width of 1.5 meters and have demonstrated high-performance operation many times by delivering excellent quality values at an exceptionally high production rate in all yarn applications. KPR ordered 30 cards C 70 to meet its expectations for consistent quality, increased productivity, and improved flexibility. 25 of these new cards replaced 50 old cards from a competitor with a working width of one meter. The five remaining cards were used for an air-jet spinning line.

The Customer’s Benefits

Thanks to the cards C 70 , KPR Neelambur has been able to significantly increase production. They produce two additional tons per day with half the number of cards. In addition to this great result, the yarn quality has also exceeded the expectations of KPR. Although the seasonal variations in raw-material parameters are very demanding, the carding technology of the C 70 enables KPR to produce carded and combed yarn at a consistent quality with imperfections below 300 (standard Shankar-6 cotton) as well as optimal fabric evenness. 300 imperfections are close to a Uster level of 25% for a Ne 30 carded yarn.
With the installation of the new cards C 70, the overall power consumption of the carding department and the filter was greatly reduced. This has resulted in reducing energy consumption by 0.30 kWh per kilogram of yarn. The key elements to achieving these huge power savings are the reduced number of machines operating at an increased level of productivity, innovative and efficient drive technology, and intermittent licker-in waste suction. Using fewer machines also reduces the personnel costs as fewer operators are required.

We are satisfied with the increased productivity, consistent quality and big savings in terms of power. Our target to achieve benefits in all of the above factors was comfortably met with the cards C 70.Mr. K. P. Ramasamy, Chairman of KPR Mill

About KPR Mill Ltd.

KPR Mill Ltd. is one of the largest vertically integrated textile companies in southern India with a diversified business that includes the production of yarns, fabrics and garments. The company has spinning mills with a total capacity of 370 000 spindles. 
KPR has earned a great deal of experience over the last 40 years to produce an indelible mark in the textile landscape.

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