F 40 – Perfect Sliver Quality at Maximum Productivity

A high-quality yarn depends a lot on good-quality rovings. In order to keep yarn quality high, Rieter-customer Fabrica de Gomez Palacio S.A. de C.V. decided to invest in the fully automatic roving frame F 40. Today they benefit from a consistent high productivity, stable yarn quality, and fewer personnel requirements.

The Challenge: Boost productivity and achieve consistently high yarn quality

Fabrica de Gomez Palacio owned a very old Rieter spinning mill and decided to invest in a new mill to boost productivity and achieve consistently high yarn quality. In order to keep producing high-quality yarn for its garments and to meet the needs of the market, the company wanted to modernize its spinning equipment. Fabricas de Gomez Palacio is well aware that high-quality yarn depends on equally good spinning preparation – and well-prepared rovings in particular play an important role in the preparation process. The company was looking for an automatic and easy-to-operate roving frame that would be compatible with its existing Rieter transport system. 

The Solution: Fully automatic roving frame F 40

Based on Fabricas de Gomez Palacio’s specifications, Rieter recommended installing the fully automatic roving frame F 40. The F 40 produces first-class rovings and offers a high level of machine efficiency thanks to a doffing time of only 1.5 minutes. With 252 spinning positions, it is ideally suited to long ring spinning machines. The unique gear mechanism ensures precise bobbin build-up. A specially designed spindle crown guarantees that the roving tubes click into place, which in turn ensures good running behavior of the bobbins. The F 40 was placed downstream of a Rieter blowroom, cards C 75 and draw frames SB-D 26 and RSB-D 50. The Rieter ring spinning machines G 37 are connected to the F 40 by the SERVOtrail transport system. This roving bobbin transport system further increases the efficiency of the mill and ensures excellent roving quality.

The Customer's Benefits

Fabricas de Gomez Palacio has always relied on Rieter’s commitment to delivery. Based on its positive experiences with predecessor machines, the company installed the first F 40 in Mexico in its spinning mill. Before installation was carried out, the customer benefited from customized project financing and therefore the complete service package from a single source. The efficient and competent local service has also been a decisive factor. Today the customer benefits from a more efficient spinning mill, higher productivity, stable yarn quality, and fewer personnel requirements thanks to the fully automatic roving frame F 40. This leads to an advantageous position in the market. The company is now planning to further modernize the whole spinning mill, which will also include F 40 machines.

Efficiency and quality improvements possible with fully automatic roving frame F 40
With the new F 40, which is an excellent preparation machine, we are able to meet the market’s high demands and export to the USA and Central America.Ing. Leopoldo Gutierrez, Owner

About Fabrica de Gomez Palacio S.A. de C.V.

Fabrica de Gomez Palacio S.A. de C.V. was founded in 1988 in Gomez Palacio Durango, Mexico, and is part of the Fabricas de Chalco S.A. de C.V. Group. The company’s production chain is fully vertical, from growing cotton to making finished garments. This verticality does not end with the manufactured product, but also extends to the designing of yarns, fabrics, and garments. The company sells its garments and knitted fabrics to retail chains. Rieter is happy to count Fabrica de Gomez Palacio as a loyal customer since its foundation.