Great Quality Improvement and Card Production Boost by 20%

Jiangxi Jinheng Textile Co., Ltd. is a government-owned company located in the Jiangxi province in China. The mill is equipped with ring and compact spinning machines K 45 and G 32, with a total of 60 000 spindles. It produces carded or combed, with yarn count between Ne 32 and Ne 50.

The Challenge

In 2020, Jiangxi Jinheng Textile Co., Ltd. was facing an increasing demand for higher yarn quality from its customers. To quickly respond to the market, the company first tried to reduce speed, thus improving the quality but also considerably lowering production. Not satisfied with this compromise, Jinheng commissioned Rieter to sustainably enhance the quality level while maintaining, if not increasing, production.

The Solution

The Rieter team performed a thorough analysis of the complete mill, looking for root causes which could affect the nep level and productivity. A series of action followed, based on the results of the mill assessment. Rieter experts optimized various machines settings. In addition, they replaced worn out tear parts, card wires and circular and top combs. They also upgraded the car licker-in.

The Customer’s Benefits

Jiangxi Jinheng Textile Co., Ltd. saw its card production increase by 20%. The yarn neps dropped by 61% for the Ne 40 compact yarn which exceeded the customer’s expectations.

The Rieter After Sales Solution allows us to efficiently run our mill by increasing production and reducing the noil so we could reach the required yarn quality level.Mr. Zhu Bin, Mill Manager, Jiangxi Jinheng Textile Co., Ltd.