J 26 – Producing Excellent Air-Jet Yarns for Weaving

Mr. S K Gupta, Assistant Vice President Spinning

High productivity without losing quality, a smooth weaving process and a uniform appearance of the yarn in the fabric: these were the expectations of Pee Vee Textiles Ltd (India) for their new air-jet spinning machine. Rieter proposed its J 26 and after having experienced the performance of this machine and the excellent fabrics delivered by the weaving machines for one month, Pee Vee placed a repeat order.

The Challenge

In the spinning sector, Pee Vee Textiles’ focus is to spin quality yarns for their fabric production in order to meet the expectations of their customers. To utilize the spinning section in the best way, they target a high productivity without impairing quality. For Pee Vee, the motivation to invest in air-jet technology is the uniform appearance of an air-jet yarn in a fabric.

The key requirement is to produce quality warp and weft yarns for their high-speed air-jet looms. While air-jet yarn brings many advantages, it always remains a challenge to spin Indian cotton with a high trash content of 2.5 – 3.0%, a high short-fiber content and considerable contamination with foreign fibers on air-jet spinning machines. 

The Solution

Since Rieter is the only system supplier that has state-of-the-art technology machines for all four types of yarns, Pee Vee has confidence in Rieter’s know-how. Supported by the known advantages of air-jet yarn production, they ordered the first J 26 air-jet spinning machine in 2019. Thanks to its unique yarn forming technology, the J 26 is able to deliver high quantities, at low conversion costs and with defined quality. These yarns show their full potential in warp and weft in the downstream process. The weaving machines ran smoothly with a constantly high production efficiency, delivering excellent fabrics.

Convinced by the performance and encouraging results, Pee Vee placed a repeat order after one-month's experience with the J 26 for their further expansion of air-jet spinning technology to supply the yarns to their weaving section.

The Customer’s Benefits

Higher Productivity:

The fully automated, double-sided air-jet spinning machine J 26 offers the highest number of spinning units per machine and hence requires less floor space for the same output compared to competitors. With this advantage, Pee Vee was able to achieve 64% more output within their existing setup.

Consistent Quality:

The requirement to produce weaving fabrics with a uniform appearance was achieved with Com4®jet yarns of higher strength, lower IPI, better elongation and CVm%. Special technology components on the J 26 ensured smooth spinning of 100% cotton combed yarn for the weaving looms.

Higher Raw-Material Utilization:

The optimized air-jet technology of the J 26 ensures a better fiber yield resulting in major raw-material savings of more than 3% absolute. This advantage enables Pee Vee to produce air-jet yarns with lower conversion costs.

Lower Power Consumption:

The drive concept of the J 26 is based entirely on individual drives for spinning and winding units. Additionally, the zoning suction system achieves a uniform level of suction along the complete machine length with the lowest power consumption (2.07 UKG).

Better Downstream Performance:

The quality of the yarn is decisive for a fault-free weaving preparation and weaving process. This finally reflects in the fabric's appearance. Pee Vee achieved an enhanced weaving performance with 1.2 weft breaks per 100 000m and 0.3 warping breaks per cmpx (Centi-Million Picks).

Yarn Quality Parameters:

  • Count Ne:   41
  • Count CV%:   1.2
  • CVm%:   15.44
  • Total IPI:   239.6
  • RKM (Breaking-Kilometer):   15.3
  • Strength CV%:   4.9
  • Elongation:   4.38
As a partner of Rieter, we have selected the air-jet spinning machine J 26 for producing yarn with higher productivity and less production costs. The experience of Pee Vee Textiles and the Rieter know-how lead to high quality weaving yarn out of 100% Indian combed cotton.Mr. S K Gupta, Assistant Vice President Spinning

About Pee Vee Textiles

With an installed capacity of 150 000 spindles and 568 air-jet looms, the Rieter customer Pee Vee Textiles Ltd is one of the largest manufacturers of gray fabric in India. The family-owned company exports 40% of its fabrics. In their own spinning mill, they produce man-made fiber/cotton blends and 100% cotton compact yarns for their own consumption. The company has a well-established position in the market and is known for having the capability for delivering high volumes at short notice. 

Pee Vee Textiles Limited