5% Productivity Increase through Customer Training and Software Update

On-the-job training provides operators the skills they need to enhance their core competencies and achieve a machine’s maximum performance. By elevating rotor spinning operating skills to the next level, the Pakistani customer AL-KARAM TEXTILE MILLS (PVT.) LIMITED in­creased its productivity by 5%.


The Challenge

One unit of Alkaram Textile Mills Pvt. Ltd. is now exclusively equipped with pre-owned Rieter machines delivered from China. Rieter After Sales dismantled and packed the ma­chines ranging from blowroom to end spinning, including six fully automated rotor spinning machines R 60 with integrat­ed robots. In the new mill unit, the customer commissioned the machines with the help of an experienced Rieter techni­cian and scheduled production with maximum machine effi­ciency in the shortest possible time. Although the customer is an experienced spinner, the company is new in operating rotor spinning machines and faced several challenges such as low production and machine efficiency. Therefore AL-KARAM turned to Rieter for further support.

The Solution

When spinning with rotor machines, the selection of the appropriate rotor is crucial for yarn quality, spinning stability and production rate. The important rotor parameters include the type of the rotor groove, the coating of the rotor, the rotor diameter and the rotor speed. Rieter recommended rotors as per the application and in this specific case, the rotor type 33 XT-BD-AE1 for weaving. In addition to updating the software of the rotor spinning machines R 60, Rieter specialists educated the customer’s maintenance personnel about the operating procedures impacting yarn production and yarn quality.

The Customer's Benefits

Rieter Customer Training showed the customer’s maintenance staff how to best use the updated software and how to significantly reduce the time needed to monitor the machine performance. Furthermore, Rieter specialists reviewed factors such as the raw material selection and the use of TWISTstops. The shape and surface of TWISTstops and take-off nozzles greatly affect the yarn characteristics and values as well as the spinning stability. The Customer Training helped the staff to optimize maintenance of rotor cleaning and setting of the appropriate opening roller speed. It also provided appropriate measures and adjustments to control yarn breakages.

As a result, Alkaram Textile Mills Pvt. Ltd. profits from an optimized piecing procedure for a better yarn quality by robots while being able to maintain the robot’s standard efficiency.

Thanks to the updated software linked with in-depth Customer Training provided by Rieter, the customer now gets the full potential of the installed rotor spinning machines R 60. He benefits from an average machine efficiency increase of 10% and a productivity increase of 5%.

“Achieving the best yarn quality while maintaining efficient production is the need of time. Rieter addresses those needs and keeps us ahead of competition with its unmatched training resources and consistently updated software.”Mr. Waseem Abbas, Technical Director Spinning, Alkaram Textile Mills Pvt. Ltd.


The Alkaram group in Karachi, Pakistan, is a successful and future-oriented provider of innovative textile solutions with strong growth ambitions. Alkaram Textile Mills Pvt. Ltd., being a part of the Alkaram group and vertically integrated composite textile mill, owners spinning, weaving, dying, cutting, stitching and  nishing processes. Its portfolio comprises all types of yarn ranging from Ne 7 to Ne 120 with a total production of 63 tons per day. Whereas the versatile company is selling its own private label, it is also trusted by international clients such as Ikea and Walmart.

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