R 70 – More High-Quality Rotor Yarn Per Hour Than Ever Before

High productivity, raw material cost savings and low energy requirements. This is what the new fully automatic rotor spinning machine R 70 stands for. The machine produces up to 7% more high-quality yarn than comparable current models on the market. And the R 70 runs stably. Even at a high ends down rate, the automation ensures fast piecing of the yarn end at each spinning position and thus keeps the efficiency of the machine high. Furthermore, efficient trash extraction allows the spinning box to spin raw material with a high trash content into good-quality rotor yarn at low costs.

Technological advantage of the R 70: Simply by reducing yarn twist by 3%, the R 70 manages to increase production by 3.3%. This can be achieved with a constant rotor speed and consistently low energy consumption too. Furthermore, the yarn produced has a higher tensile strength than that spun on competitors’ machines (+6% cN).

Low Energy Consumption

The modern single drives are highly efficient and consume little energy. Friction losses through additional drive elements, for example the belts and deflection pulleys, are no longer an issue. If a spinning position is not in use, the single drives do not consume any energy. In addition, automatic filter cleaning and optimized air routing reduce the energy requirements of the machine by up to 5%.