Significant Increase in Production of Melange Yarns with G 32 with Compacting System EliTe®

Huafu Fashion wanted to increase its production of melange yarn even further. With Rieter’s Ring Spinning Machine G 32 the company is now able to produce melange yarn with high yarn quality and profits at the same time of lowered maintenance costs.

The Challenge: High productivity combined with high quality

As a part of the “One Belt, One Road” development strategy and the China–Brazil economic corridor, Huafu wants to increase its production of melange yarns even further. The Aksu project is a result of these needs. However, the company was faced with a shortage of labor and rising labor costs. Huafu hoped that, by utilizing a high-quality compact-spinning system, it could achieve high spinning stability and yarn quality while also lowering maintenance requirements. In addition, Huafu hoped to reduce the large workload of its operating personnel. With these measures, the company wanted to achieve the benchmark it had been striving for in terms of production and quality.

The Solution: Ring Spinning Machine G 32

For Huafu, Rieter recommended the ring spinning machine G 32 with the compacting system EliTe®. The system operates with high stability and features low operating and maintenance requirements. These advantages very much fulfill Huafu’s wish to ensure maximum yield at low operating costs using precision machines. In addition, the G 32 with the EliTe® compacting system can be used to produce a consistently high yarn quality over a prolonged period.

The Benefits for Huafu Fashion

The project involved 66 x 1 152 spindles, and the complete process from installation to start of production took seven months. For a project of this scale, the decision to opt for Rieter machines instead of machines from other suppliers saved three months of installation time. The high-quality technology components of the G 32 ensure consistent yarn quality, even when the machine is operated at high speed.

The excellent, CVb value contributes significantly to the machine’s simple maintenance. Fewer ends down has meant that the number of operators could be reduced by half. This has lowered the operating costs.

The high speed of the machines has reduced Huafu’s production costs per ton of yarn. As a result, the company has increased its overall profit. The investment has been paid back in less time than expected.

With the G 32 with EliTe® compact-spinning system from Rieter, we are achieving high yield and efficiency. We produce high yarn quality and achieve excellent spinning stability at the same time. All of these factors result in significantly lower production and operating costs, as well as reduced maintenance requirements. The management team at Huafu is assured that, thanks to the advanced, high-precision ring spinning machines from Rieter, the new industrial park will become a benchmark for the spinning of colorful fibers.Mr. Kehua Huang, General Manager of Huafu Fashion Co., Ltd Xinjiang Grey Yarn Production Base

About Huafu Fashion Co.

Chinese manufacturer Huafu Fashion Co., Ltd. only produces high-quality melange yarns. The company has a production capacity of 1.8 million spindles. This corresponds to around 25% of the total production capacity of melange yarns or 40% of the medium-quality and high-quality yarns with colored fibers in China. In Lvshang Textile Town in Aksu City, Xinjiang Province, which is known for its textile industry, the company newly operates 76 000 spindles.