Taking Mill Performance to New Heights

Expertise in textile technology from fiber to fabric is at the heart of Rieter’s DNA. Customers can tap into this vast pool of knowledge through Rieter’s Customer Technology Services. The success story of one ring system customer reveals the potential as experts unlocked an additional yearly profit in excess of around 350 000 USD, thanks to waste reduction and production increase while improving yarn quality.

Ensuring customers can be competitive in the long-term is a matter of pride for Rieter experts. This is why they relentlessly carry out intensive textile research to get the most out of the spinning process. From the customer’s mill to one of Rieter’s spin centers or textile laboratories, the combination of analysis and trials provides the perfect setting to achieve the best results. Experienced textile technologists bring years of know-how in analyzing and diagnosing technology problems as well as in implementing optimization measures as the following example demonstrates.

A customer called on Rieter to optimize the performance of its mill, with the specific request to focus on improving productivity and reducing waste while maintaining at least constant yarn quality. The customer owns two Rieter systems featuring about 40 000 spindles in total: One system is a conventional Ring system that spins cotton and man-made fiber blends for coarse yarn counts and the other one spins 100% cotton yarns for fine counts.

As a first step, the Rieter customer technologist familiarized himself with the mill setup as well as the current status remotely. In a second step, the expert visited the mill for an in-depth analysis and carried out improvements, which resulted in process optimization. He focused on optimizing the overall process outcome rather than individual process steps. To achieve this ambition, aside from his own knowledge, the customer technologist leveraged the global Rieter pool of experts and databases whenever needed. For the customer, the Rieter expert focused on optimizing the overall process along the customer’s areas of concern: Reduction of waste, production increase and yarn quality improvement.

For waste reduction, the potential identified was in reducing comber noil by up to 3% in the fine count system. For the coarse count system, blowroom and card waste were reduced by 0.8% and 1% respectively. In both instances, this led to a reduction of conversion cost directly improving the profitability of the customer’s operations.

The speed of the end spinning machines was increased by up to 3 000 rpm, leading to additional production volume and hence revenues and profit per machine operating hour.

In sum, the optimizations uncovered an additional annual profit potential in excess of around 350 000 USD from waste reduction and increased production. These improvements were achieved while enhancing yarn quality as measured by the standard Imperfection Index in yarns (IPI) in both cop and cone yarn.

Rieter’s Service Offering

Rieter supports customers in all matters during the entire life cycle of the machine. It leverages the extensive know-how of the Rieter After Sales organization to support long-term competitiveness. From maintenance, service, upgrade, or retrofit to consultancy, Rieter is the first choice for performance optimization.

A Rieter customer technologist visiting a customer’s mill for an in-depth analysis of the spinning systems.