i-Bearing – Temco Brings Bearings and IIoT Together

IIoT systems (Industrial Internet of Things) such as smart factories or proactive monitoring are gaining in popularity and will soon be the key to success and cost management. Temco provides a proactive monitoring system, i-Bearing, to monitor 24/7 the condition of its bearings.

The intelligence of the i-Bearing allows the constant condition monitoring of every single Temco bearing installed within a plant. Parameters such as temperature, speed and vibration are measured and analyzed against given values. i-Bearing then identifies critical conditions so bearings can be replaced before they fail.

The i-Bearing monitoring system consists of a Temco bearing equipped with sensors, which are connected directly to a PC via USB. Customers get a clear overview of the condition of all installed Temco bearings so potential defects are almost immediately identified and proactive measures can be taken. This avoids unnecessary and often costly downtime and positively impacts profitability. To go even further, Temco is currently developing a wireless version of i-Bearing, for even more freedom across the entire plant.


i-Bearing - Brochure