What Crocodile-Like Teeth Contribute to Efficient Spinning

CROCOdoff has brought our Chinese customer Wuxi No 1 a wide range of benefits, such as a significant efficiency increase in its spinning mill thanks to a reduced number of ends down after doffing and less time spent on spindle maintenance. Equipping ring spinning machines with the “crocodile-like teeth” of the yarn clamping and cutting crown CROCOdoff noticeably optimizes spinning automation. 

The Challenge

In the yarn processing chain, high wage costs and labor shortages increase demand for automated process steps as well as more efficient and economical operation of ring spinning machines and its spindles. When doffing with traditional systems, the wound yarn and loose yarn flying ends result in a high ends down rate, which influences production efficiency, spindle maintenance and yarn quality. 

The Solution

CROCOdoff from Novibra is a new generation of yarn clamping and cutting crowns with improved functionality and an optimized design that meets the requirements of modern spinning mills. CROCOdoff enables doffing without any underwinding. Furthermore, it is not necessary to stop the machine – and therefore yarn production – to clean the yarn catching area on the spindle.

With CROCOdoff, less than one turn of the yarn is required for safe underwinding. When the doffing is finished, the yarn end flies out of the system. Efficiently clamping the yarn is crucial to achieving this – and this is what gave the clamping crown CROCOdoff its name. The solid teeth on the clamping crown are reminiscent of sharp crocodile teeth. The crown opens and closes like jaws when the spindle speed is changed. This movement of the “crocodile teeth” in the catching area reliably clamps the yarn to prevent it from slipping out. Today, over 6 million spindles worldwide have been equipped with CROCOdoff.

The Customer's Benefits

The customer Wuxi No 1 has approximately 153 000 spindles with CROCOdoff in use in their mills in China. They spin 100% cotton with yarn counts between Ne 50 to Ne 140. With CROCOdoff the ends down rate during doffing is cosistently around 2%. In addition the clamping crown significantly contributes to a higher production efficiency. Also maintenance is influenced positively: cleaning of the spindle lower part can be integrated in the general machine cleaning routine. Finally CROCOdoff reduces the workload and allows employees to be assigned to tasks more flexibly. In total the clamping and cutting crown helps to increase the profitability of the mill.

With Novibra CROCOdoff autodoffing, the doffing ends down rate is consistently around 2%. Production efficiency has been considerably improved. With traditional yarn cutters, employees are required to clean the underwinding every two days. Otherwise, doffing ends down rates increase rapidly, resulting in a much higher workload. Novibra CROCOdoff both ensures a stable doffing ends down rate and means less underwinding. It is sufficient to clean CROCOdoff every two months as part of the machine cleaning routine.Mr. Cheng Ji, Assistant to the General Manager Wuxi No 1

About Wuxi No 1

Wuxi No 1 Cotton Mill Textile Group was founded in 1919. At present, the company has 700 000 spindles and 500 weaving looms in total and produces 40 000 tons of yarn and 50 million meters of fabrics in a year with products export to the global high-end textile market. Its brand "TALAK" is registered in more than 50 countries in Europe, Asia and America.