Welcome to Rieter Machine Works, Winterthur, Switzerland

Rieter Machine Works Ltd. in Winterthur is the headquarter of Rieter. It develops and produces machines and integrated systems for the processing of natural and synthetic short stable fibres into yarns. Winterthur accommodates management, sales and marketing, service as well as research & development.

Spinning facilities for development, customer trials and training as well as a fully equipped textile laboratory are the heart of Rieter's systems solutions. High performance information technologies support the global logistic and sourcing activities. The modern manufacturing facilities also operate for third parties.  

Since its foundation in 1795, Rieter developed high quality standards. These standards are valid for the global manufacturing operations of Rieter. ISO standards and ISO certification demonstrate the commitment for quality and reliability.  

The location offers interesting occupations and various opportunities. Rieter employs people of the most diverse occupation groups, from university graduates to apprentices.  

Winterthur lies close to Zurich with direct connections in all important textile markets. It is a place, where tradition meets the future. It is the base of commitment to the customers.