Cotton Yarn Package

Cylinder wires and flexible flats that deliver unique performance for all requirements in cotton yarn production
  1. Processing cotton with a trash content higher than 5%
  2. Reducing the number of imperfections by up to 15%

Product Details

Spinning mills using Graf technology components benefit from perfectly matching card clothing that help them to optimize all types of yarn applications, irrespective of whether cotton or cotton blends.

Without compromising on lifetime and process stability, spinning mills can produce yarn of equal quality, even with higher levels of foreign fibers cotton. Also challenges, such as increasing short fiber content or seed coat fragments, are taken into account in the development and recommendation of the respective products.

New metallic card clothing: cylinder wire P 19 +40 S

  • Consistent sliver quality independent of the trash content – higher than 5% – of the incoming cotton fibers thanks to high process stability
  • Extended lifetime of up to 10% thanks to the robust design with increased blade width

New flexible flat: resist-O-top C-60 (RSTO C-60)

  • By up to 15% decreased IPI values on fine count yarns as a result of improved parallelization of the fibers
  • Extended lifetime of more than 20% thanks to application related card wire diameter

Benefits and specification at a glance

Suitable combination of cylinder wire and flexible flats for perfect operation of cards.

  • Most suitable technology components for all applications and requirements in cotton yarn production
  • Lowest yarn costs thanks to highest yield on raw material
  • Smooth operation of consistent yarn quality throughout the entire card clothing lifetime
  • Extended cylinder wire lifetime through CUTTYSHARP (+25%) and MULTISHARP (+50%) alloys
  • 15% extended lifetime of Graf flexible flats compared to conventional flexible flats