Metallic Card Clothing for Nonwoven

Maximize throughput and unique web uniformity with Hipro in any nonwoven application
  1. Up to 10% higher throughput thanks to innovative geometry
  2. Increased carding efficiency
  3. 20% fewer failures in the web
Nonwoven Walze

Product details

Irrespective of the machine manufacturer, Hipro clothings are produced to the highest quality level and with an unrivaled depth in vertical integration. This continuously improves the carding and mixing of fibers – the main task of a roller card. Graf metallic card clothings for roller cards ensure optimum quality, adapted to specific needs in the processing of man-made and natural fibers.

Hipro metallic card clothing

With Hipro clothings a significantly increased fiber retention can be reached thanks to a specially designed hump at the front of the teeth. 

Graf’s top performing metallic card clothing Hipro generates up to 10% higher throughput compared to conventional clothings thanks to an optimized web transfer from the cylinder to the doffer. Furthermore, it increases the efficiency of the worker roller by reducing the fiber fly.

Hipro ensures 20% fewer failures in the web thanks to precise fiber transfer to and from the cylinder. A constantly high process stability provides reproducible web quality throughout the entire lifetime of the clothing.

Surface treatment

Depending on the fiber material, a choice of surface finishes is available.  

Surface finishes Characteristics 
Smooth Finish SFMechanical treatment for smoothing and refining the clothing surfaces, minimal running-in time, consistently high quality right from the start
Blank hardenedTreated clothing with scale-free surface
Needle Finish NFElectrochemical polishing and rounding of all edges on the clothing teeth for special applications

Applications and specifications

Hipro offers innovative tooth design for efficient processes on roller cards and can be used on the following rollers: worker (2), doffer (4) and condenser (5). These excellent, robust clothings are available with a standard profile and as interlinked clothings.

Hipro metallic card clothings are suitable for end products in segments such as hygiene, medical, automotive, filtration and floor coverings.

Both high-performance and conventional cards can be equipped with the Hipro card clothings.

For Hipro, there are no limits in fiber types and web weights (except brittle fibers).