Service Carding

Perfectly aligned with the geometries of the Graf card clothings, the cards can be clothed and maintained with the service equipment in no time.
  1. Adapted to the Graf product range
  2. Durable
  3. Maintaining maximum quality
Wire control

Product range

The comprehensive range of Graf service machines takes the requirements of the individual customer requirements into account. The precise and sturdy machines are suitable for the maintenance of clothings on flat cards of all manufacturers.  

Graf presents an excerpt from the overall product range. Detailed information is available in the service brochures.

GAV – Metallic wire mounting equipment

GAV – Metallic wire mounting equipment

GAV is the abbreviation for the versatile mounting device for standard and interlinked metallic card clothings for all known flat cards.  

Technical data

Rating GAV drive

Weight GAV drive

Rating butt welder

Weight butt welder

Rating stripping reel

Weight stripping wheel

1.5 kW

89 kg

2.0 kW

15 kg

0.75 kW

64 kg



  • The purposeful array of dressing- and pre-bending rollers ensures that even clothings with small base widths stand upright.
  • The adjustment of the tensioning device allows even inexperienced operators to correctly set the mounting tension based on the base width of the metallic wire to be installed
ROD 35 – Roller clothing appliances

ROD 35 – Roller clothing appliances

The ROD 35 roller can be used to mount standard clothings thread by thread and in grooves or in interlinked form and to recloth cleaning and polishing rollers. It is also possible to recut worn or soiled grooves or clean soiled rollers and remove residues.

Technical data

Weight basic equipment

Weight mounting frame

Weight GAV drive

Rating GAV drive

281 kg

192 kg

89 kg

1.5 kW



  • The modular system allows the use of existing GAV components. 
  • Clothing is easy with corresponding accessories.
DAM 100 – Flat clothing machine

DAM 100 – Flat clothing machine

Today’s generations of high production cards put highest demands on quality and productivity. For this purpose Graf has developed the new, automatic flat clipping machines DAM 100 and DAM 100/1. These machines are most suitable for larger spinning mills or service centers which clip cast iron or aluminum flat bars economically, efficiently and with the precision required today.

Technical data

Motor rating

Compressed air pressure

Weight DAM 100

Weight DAM 100/1

2.2 kW

6 bis 7 bar

1 158 kg

1 672 kg



  • More consistent nep values in the yarn due to the highest precision in the carding process
  • Fast conversion to other types of flats
  • Minimal service and maintenance requirements due to central lubrication system
TSG – Traversing resharpening device

TSG – Traversing resharpening device

The activating of today’s high-performance metallic card clothings calls for high demands on the maintenance personnel. It is extremely difficult, even for experts, to resharpen these very fine clothings burr-free with conventional grinding equipment. Only the application of the TSG assures proper maintenance of these high quality metallic clothings.

Technical data

Motor rating

Supply voltage

Pressure of resharpening stone

Traversing speed cylinder

Traversing speed doffer

Total weight

0.09 kW

230 V, 50/60 Hz, 1 phase

1 Newton

6 m/min

1 m/min

21 kg 40" / 22 kg 51" / 23 kg 60"



  • Multiple resharpening of the clothings is possible since the abrasion is minute and controlled (extended lifetimes).
  • The tooth points are activated evenly across the entire width of the card.
ESM 150 – Flat shoe milling device

ESM 150 – Flat shoe milling device

The seatings of the synthetic flat shoes of the aluminum flat bars have to be re-milled/replaced from time to time since they suffer from wear and run-in to varying degrees. Graf offers a compact and simple machine for this purpose. Independent, single-step and straightforward single-step milling of the flat shoes of Rieter C 60, C70, and C601 cards.

Technical data





Power supply

1 990 mm

490 mm

450 mm

210 kg

220 V/400 V



  • Easy operation
  • Compact, slim machine