As a pioneer in its field, Rieter introduces UPtime and digitalizes spinning mill maintenance activities.


UPtime is an expert system which combines big data and machine learning algorithms to analyze and identify abnormalities and predict failures. From Rieter to third-party spinning equipment and auxiliaries, UPtime covers the entire spinning mill maintenance needs.

Key Benefits

  • Increased productivity and lifetime
  • Significant reduction of unplanned downtime
  • Lower overall costs of maintenance and inspection
  • Enhanced quality and consistency of output
  • Full transparency on maintenance activities

Predictive Maintenance

UPtime represents a new strategy of maintenance by predicting when equipment failure might occur. Through a network of sensors, UPtime collects performance-critical data on machinery such as temperature, air pressure, vibration and the like. It captures historical and real-time data which are then analyzed using algorithms to diagnose failures and predict the need for maintenance. UPtime structures all past, current and future maintenance activities and gives clear directions as to what actions should be taken.

For more information, download the UPtime leaflet:

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UPtime (English)
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UPtime (Turkish)
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