Take-off roll

Take-off Roll

Take-off roll

Efficient cleaning does require small tufts. For an effective cleaning that is gentle on the fibres, it is necessary to open the cotton into the tiniest tufts before they are fed to the cleaners. By opening the cotton into tufts that are as small as possible, firstly the percentage of spinnable fibres in the waste is minimised, and secondly the percentage of soiling, trash and seed coat fragments in the waste is maximised.


The maximum production performance corresponds to the technological data in the machines instruction book. The conversion kit contains all the mechanical and electrical components required and also the conversion documentation.

The conversion kit can be fitted by qualified company engineers and electricians. However, Rieter recommend that a Rieter service engineer carries out the first conversion. The fitting time is approximately one day. Conversion for UNIfloc A 1/2 and A 10. The old take-off device can be removed and replaced by the new take-off roll (Version A 11).


The new take-off roll opens the bales into small tufts, which is essential for efficient cleaning.

Small tufts offer a large surface area so trash, dirt and dust are exposed and can be removed gently. The teeth are double and can be replaced as a pair when worn or damaged.


  • More efficient cleaning thanks to optimal tuft opening
  • Tufts are up to 40% smaller, consequently greater cleaner efficiency in the downstream machines
  • Material is treated gently as a result of 64% more take-off points
  • Maintenance friendly thanks to replaceable double teeth

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