IGS System

IGS System

Sliver quality is directly related to the sharpness of the clothing. The number of neps in the sliver is affected positively or negatively by the state of the card clothing. The IGS-System (Integrated Grinding System), has been developed by Rieter in order to maintain the clothing at a constant level of sharpness and hence to obtain even better carding sliver quality.

IGS-Classic and IGS-Top add-ons are available for cards of type C 50 and C 51.


During carding, the tips of the card clothing wear and must therefore be sharpened at regular intervals. Increased production throughput of the cards is accompanied by a decrease in the life expectancy of the card clothings which also become increasingly complex to sharpen. As a result, the cylinder clothings are sharpened more infrequently and in some instances are no longer sharpened at all. By contrast, with the IGS you can sharpen your card clothings irrespective of time and personnel.

The IGS is an integral part of the card; it is permanently installed in the lower zone of the cylinder. Sharpening of the cylinder takes place automatically without any interruption of production. The life of the clothing can sustain about 400 grinding cycles. Software which forms part of the IGS calculates when it is time for sharpening and automatically initiates the movement of the grindstone.


During every grinding cycle only a minute fraction of the clothing is removed. Experience shows that this increases the average life of the clothing by up to 20%. However optimum carding necessitates regular grinding of the flat clothing and its regular adjustment to match the cylinder clothing.

The greater the card production, the shorter the intervals for exchanging or servicing the clothings. With the IGS, the cylinder clothing is automatically ground at regular intervals. There are thus no longer any production losses or downtimes caused by grinding the cylinder.

When grinding the new generations of clothings practically no sparks are detectable any more. Maintenance of this type of clothing can only be carried out by very well trained operating personnel. But with IGS, grinding of the clothings is carried out precisely and automatically by the machine. This means that excessive or insufficient grinding of the clothings is a thing of the past.



A grinding brush with specially arranged bristles grinds the clothing tips of the flat rods in the course of more than 100 grinding cycles during the service life of the clothing. The short hard bristles grind the tips of the flat needles while the long bristles keep the side-grinding tips sharp.


An automatically controlled grindstone moves over the cylinder clothing during production. This operation is performed up to 400 times during the expected service life of the clothing.

The benefit to you:

  • Constant high quality in the carding sliver
  • Longer service life of clothing
  • Lower maintenance costs on the card since manual grinding is no longer needed

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Sustainable money saving in ring spinning.


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