High speed nipper

Rieter High Speed Nipper

Rieter high speed nipper

Investing in the combing section makes a noticeable difference, not only in the machine processes immediately affected but also from an overall economic point of view. Profitable arguments include saving on waste, better working behaviour in downstream processing and finally the improvement in the end product.

The high-speed nipper, which Rieter offers as a retrofit for older generations of machines, is designed in such a way that in addition to improving the quality of the combing sliver, higher lap feed and nipping rates are also possible.


Comparative measurements on the nipper unit of older models and the new Rieter high-speed nipper plainly show improvements in the quality of the combed sliver. In spite of increased batt feed the number of neps is considerably lower. Extracting impurities such as neps and husks greatly enhances the purity of the yarn.

It is possible to replace the old nipper unit by the high-speed nipper on combers E 7/5 and E 7/6.


Thanks to the perfect design of the high-performance nippers, records are possible without exception. During each combing cycle, the nippers accelerate exceptionally fast. A short nip-distance between feed rolls and detaching rolls, makes it possible to achieve savings in raw materials of up to 3 %.

The optimized nipper geometry ensures safe fibre guidance across the entire width of the nippers right up to the margin areas.

The excellent clamping force of the nippers, makes it possible to achieve lap formation up to 80 ktex. A reduction in weight of the nippers results in nipping rates, which improve the economic efficiency of your comber.


The nipper unit is designed with increased nipping force on the nippers to produce a lap feed of 80 ktex and raise the nipping rate to 350 strokes a minute.

The benefit to you:

  • Up to 15% increase in productivity in the combing section (with a batt weight of up to 80 ktex)
  • Savings of up to 3% on raw material thanks to optimised nipper geometry
  • Extremely fast return-on-investment
  • Better yarn quality (fewer neps and slubs) with same percentage of comber noils
  • Less trash in the combed sliver

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