Upgrades draw frame

The development of textile machine design is not stagnant. During its lifecycle a machine gets outdated and cannot fulfil the latest demands. Unfortunately, the constant procurement of new machines also exceeds one’s financial means.

Conversions are very advantageous, for instance they can:

  • lead to considerable rise in production
  • serve as a basis for the profitable manufacture of quality yarn
  • improve your competitiveness
  • provide access to the technical state of the art of high-performance machines
  • offer convincing solutions for technical problems

With the respective conversion, your draw frame can be quickly adapted to the constantly changing demands of the market.

Key products

Machine Type B92 EVO pulse generator SWIVELplate EVO WIPE-X TOPclean AC SERVOcombi
  Non-contact measuring Swiveling attachment New suction box Improved extraction New servo-motor unit
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RSB-D 40        
RSB-D 40c        
RSB-D 35  
RSB-D 35c  
RSB-D 30
RSB-D 30c
RSB-D 22        
RSB-D 22c        
RSB 1        
RSB 951        
RSB 851        
RSB 51        
SB-D 15      
SB-D 10    

Suction Tube ECOrized

Sustainable money saving in ring spinning.


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