The "AC SERVOcombi" upgrade package for older generations of draw frames ensures very high production rates through precise autoleveling and operating reliability.

The "AC SERVOcombi" upgrade package consists of a state-of-the-art servo motor and a new control unit. An ideal combination representing the latest state of the art in AC servo motors.

The powerful "AC SERVOcombi" motor for autoleveling achieves higher efficiency through its sustained, powerful torque throughout the entire speed range. Positioning is by means of a rotary transducer, which ensures a constant actual-value comparison. The servo drive therefore follows the preset autoleveling profile precisely. Perfectly leveled draw frame slivers are the result.


Servo controller for the AC SERVOcombi

Servo controller for the AC SERVOcombi

The "AC SERVOcombi" upgrade package is available for the following autoleveler draw frames with DC servo motors: RSB 51, RSB 851, RSB 951, RSB 1, RSB-D 30, RSB-D 30c, RSB-D 35 and RSB-D 35c.

The "AC SERVOcombi" replaces the existing "Superdrives" and DC servo motors on the draw frames, which are above mentioned.

The conversion "AC SERVOcombi" contains the following parts:

  • A state-of-the-art AC servo motor and a new servo controller


Maintenance work on the machines must only be carried out by trained and authorised personnel. Servicing and setting must be in accordance with the instructions in the operating manual.


The "AC SERVOcombi" motor is an AC servo motor. Carbon brushes are eliminated, making this type of servo motor completely maintenance-free.

A further element contributing to reduced maintenance time is the electronic control of the servo governor, which replaces the mechanical motor brake used to date. The components of the "AC SERVOcombi" motor are designed so that overheating cannot occur in extreme environments.

The new servo controller supplied with the motor and the "AC SERVOcombi" motor are ideally coordinated. Signal processing is performed in the digital servo controller in real time. The measuring signals are therefore precisely coordinated with the setpoints and this results in very accurate autoleveling.

The "AC SERVOcombi" motor is of the highest quality, since each and every servo motor impresses with high manufacturing quality. The motors conform to Rieter's high quality standards. Compliance with specifications is regularly verified so that our customers can depend on Rieter's proverbial quality. The motor's compact design and the pre-wired servo controller on a baseplate facilitate user-friendly installation.

This well-conceived design ensures easy, rapid installation. Customers benefit from a short installation time and rapid return to production of the draw frame after conversion. It is worthwile adjusting autoleveling quality to the current state of the art on older draw frame models.


  • State-of-the-art AC servo motor
  • The new servo motor requires no maintenance
  • Wearing parts such as carbon brushes and mechanical brakes are eliminated
  • Compact design of the new servo motor
  • Each unit is checked for operational reliability during assembly by Rieter

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