Non-contact B92 EVO pulse generator

The new B92 EVO pulse generator consisting of sensor and magnet ring.

The new B92 EVO pulse generator consisting of sensor and magnet ring.

The magnetic measuring principle of the B92 EVO pulse generator is based on a magnet ring and sensor head. With older draw frame models, an additional shaft is delivered to facilitate this non-contact measuring principle.

During the development, great value was placed on simple installation and high ease of maintenance. The main drive shaft only needs to be installed and dismantled when assembling the magnetic ring; in contrast to the exchange of the old pulse generator B92, where the shaft had to be completely dismantled every time.

The sensor B92 EVO is attached to a separate holder which allows it to be changed without removal of the main drive shaft. With its lower installation height and the integrated plug, it is very easy to install the new pulse generator B92 EVO and to connect it to the existing socket. This results in a quick recommissioning of the draw frame following a successful retrofit.


The conversion kit is available for RSB-D 30, RSB-D 30c, RSB-D 35, RSB-D 35c, RSB-D 40, RSB-D 40c and also for RSB-D 22 and RSB-D 22c draw frames.


The high shock/vibration resistance and dustproof properties (Protection Class IP67) of the B92 EVO pulse generator allows a faultless application even under extremely dusty environmental conditions with fiber fly. The vibration resistance also ensures a high level of measuring accuracy and functional safety.

A longer life cycle compared to its predecessor is achieved by the new B92 EVO pulse generator through contact-free measuring. Bearings that could wear out no longer exist.


  • Non-contact measuring system with B92 EVO sensor
  • Significantly longer service life, since no bearings are required which could wear out
  • The electrical connection can be made with the existing cable
  • Removal and installation of the main drive shaft is only once necessary for fitting the magnetic ring
  • Easy installation and thus rapid recommencement of production by the draw frame

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