The technically simple but effective modernization SWIVELplate EVO keeps the efficiency of older draw frame generations in the production on a high level. The small investment pays for itself within a very short time through simple maintenance, user-friendliness and prevention of damage by improper handling.

The modification was built on the experience of experts and customers who are very familiar with the operation of the draw frame by developing a swiveling attachment for the sliver funnel. As a solution, Rieter has designed a product that makes the draw frame much easier in handling.

The SWIVELplate EVO adopts the principle of operation of the sliver funnel plate of the current draw frame generation RSB-D 40. In detail, the design is customized to the needs of a retrofit package for the previous draw frame models.

Essential element of the SWIVELplate EVO is the swiveling mid-section of the sliver funnel plate, which improves the accessibility and safety. An integrated locking mechanism defines the pivot area of the mid-section and prevents an inadvertent backward motion. The simple installation of the new sliver funnel plate can be executed quickly by a corporate employee.


  • This smart solution is available as a retrofit for the draw frames SB-D 10, SB-D 15, RSB-D 30, RSB-D 30c, RSB-D 35 and RSB-D 35c (without USTER SLIVERalarm).
  • SWIVELplate EVO corresponds to the series status of the RSB-D 40.


Left side: new adapter EVO with RSB-D 40 sliver funnel. Right side: old adapter with sliver funnel

Left side: new adapter EVO with RSB-D 40 sliver funnel. Right side: old adapter with sliver funnel

The operator now has the opportunity - without the assistance of maintenance personnel - to remove sliver jams and fibre accumulations in the calander discs zone fast and easy. The improved accessibility helps to prevent damages at the calander discs caused by improper operation.

With the retrofit SWIVELplate EVO the primary holder for sliver funnel and sliver funnels are still usable. Alternatively, the newly developed sliver funnels of the RSB-D 40 can be used which offers a number of advantages. Both the new design of the sliver funnels as well as a defined fixing avoids the wrong installation, whereby the sliver funnel is now completely safe against turning. To use the RSB-D 40 sliver funnels, an adapter EVO may be offered for the innovative swiveling attachment SWIVELplate EVO.

The user-friendliness is enhanced with SWIVELplate EVO and anticipated wear is prevented of the valuable, technologically and important components such as sliver funnel and calander discs. Based on these advantages and much lower maintenance efforts the SWIVELplate EVO is a meaningful and profitable investment.


Swiveling attachment for the sliver funnel

Swiveling attachment for the sliver funnel

  • Easy replacement of the sliver funnel and web nozzle
  • Rapid clearance of sliver jams
  • Prevents damage to calander discs and web nozzle caused by incorrect operation
  • All RSB-D 40 sliver funnels can also be used with the new adapter EVO

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