Suction housing with flexible cleaning lips

Suction housing with flexible cleaning lips

Improved dust extraction with the new TOPclean drafting system results in real advantages in downstream processing. Reduced soiling, e.g. in the spinning box, improves the running behavior of the rotor spinning machine and is also apparent in yarn quality.


The retrofit TOPclean is available for Rieter draw frames SB-D 10 / SB-D 15 / RSB-D 30 / RSB-D 30c / RSB-D 35 and RSB-D 35c without CUBIcan.


Illustration of improved extraction

Illustration of improved extraction

The optimized air circulation of TOPclean has an immediate impact on the cleanliness of the drafting system and thus has a direct influence on sliver production. Heat dissipation is also improved - which helps to preserve the top roller covers.

Additional cleaning lips for the top rollers also ensure clean top roller covers and prevent lap formation.

An adjustable automatic mechanism controls the brief raising of the cleaning lips to enable them to be cleaned.


  • Improved lint extraction
  • Reduced IPI values and classimat faults are achievable
  • Fewer laps due to lower temperatures and clean top rollers
  • Longer cleaning cycles

Suction Tube ECOrized

Sustainable money saving in ring spinning.


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