Rieter is offering a complete new suction box with a new fan motor and a rotary wiper for cleaning the filter as a retrofit kit.

Optimal extraction has a considerable influence on the performance of the draw frame. Contamination by fibre fly, resulting in accumulations of fibre and consequent disturbances in the production process, is significantly reduced if extraction performance is good. Less soiling also means lower maintenance effort.


  • The retrofit WIPE-X is suitable for the draw frames SB-D 15 / RSB-D 30 and RSB-D 30c.
  • Rieter also supplies this retrofit kit to convert from centralized extraction to individual extraction.
  • WIPE-X corresponds to the series status of the SB-D 15 and RSB-D 35.


Complete suction box with rotary wiper

Complete suction box with rotary wiper

Contrary to the existing version, the new fan consists of a flange motor with a separate fan wheel.

The new fan wheel is less susceptible to vibration and at the same time enables a higher air speed to be achieved while the tendency to soiling is reduced. The new fan wheel also improves efficiency, since the required power input has been reduced from 2.0 KW to 1.5 KW.

The linear cylinder for cleaning the filter screen is replaced by a rotary wiper. This rotary wiper is considerably more robust and less sensitive to soiling and is thus reliable in operation, which increases the running reliability of the draw frame.

The filter screen in the new suction box can be removed for cleaning. This simplifies maintenance and reduces cleaning time.


Rotary wiper, fan wheel and motor

Rotary wiper, fan wheel and motor

  • An optimized fan wheel prolongs the service life of the fan
  • New pneumatic cylinder reduces wear
  • Energy savings of up to 25% in extraction
  • Faster draw frame cleaning; cleaning intervals can be extended

Suction Tube ECOrized

Sustainable money saving in ring spinning.


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